Industry Issues

Dairyman’s Supply Company has for decades been an industry leader in delivering building materials to retail building supply dealers. We have built our reputation as a company that delivers quality products at competitive prices. Our delivery system and lead times for delivery are an industry leader as well.

Due to a major disruption in our rail delivery service from the major railroad industry companies, Dairyman’s has struggled to maintain inventory levels that meet our needs and the needs of our customers as well. This, along with strong demand and substantial supply side issues, has made the last several months very interesting and sometimes frustrating to us and our customers.

As the rail issue resolved itself, (and it is clearly much improved), and the lumber market settles back to more normal levels, Dairyman’s will again be able to maintain inventories and schedule deliveries that meet our high standards and our customers’ expectations.

Jeff Boyd,

Chief Financial Officer – Dairyman’s Supply Company

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